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Archviz: The bridge between your dreams and reality

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Architectural visualization is a place where architecture meets technology. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) we can depict, predict or portray architecture in the present through renderings. A rendering is a 2D or 3D image that accurately represents the design intent of a proposed architectural design.

Interior render showing entry area of "The Retirement Home" by IODS Design

Why do we need Archviz?

Sample rendered site plan by IODS Design

  • Archviz can be read and interpreted by anybody in comparison to architectural drawings. It comes with additional elements like lighting, colours and textures, which communicate a space better, even in 2D.

Exterior night render of "The Column House" by IODS Design

  • It communicates depth and scale which 2D drawings may not. Having a 3D visual of your plans helps you know how big or small a space would not only look, but feel.

  • It helps one connect better with the space by highlighting proposed features or showcasing their placement.

Interior night render of "The Whiskey Lounge" by IODS Design

  • Having a realistic visual of your space also lessens disappointment because you already know what your outcome should look like. It gives you a defined goal to work towards.

Exterior render of the "BnB" House by IODS Design

  • It saves time and money by cutting down costs on design changes. Being sure of the end result you want gives better control of a project by predicting any possible errors at the design stage.

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