Sneak Peek Friday: The Grey House

Every Friday we will be giving you a little sneak peek into some of our projects. The Grey House is a project that was already designed to floor plan level and needed to be "dressed up". Sometimes you may have your floor plans ready but have no idea how you're going furnish your space. That happens to be exactly what we are here for.

Exterior render of The Grey House

  • Having your floor plans visualized is a way to dress up your vision; Just like in fashion, you get to decide what colour and style you're going to wear.

Exterior night render showing outdoor view of The Grey House
  • You get to decide what it would look like during the day, and what it could like at night by testing both artificial and natural lighting through 3D visualization. This is how you'd decide if you need larger windows, and what kind.

Exterior day render showing outdoor view of The Grey House

  • Planning not only for your structure but your landscape and interior as well, is exactly like having a vision board. You are more likely to achieve your goal that way.

Interior day render of living area

  • It would be ideal for everyone to design their floor plans knowing what it will look like in 3D, but not everybody is that thorough in their planning. Here at IODS Design we don't stop at floor plans. We want you to envision every single space and wall and corner.

Interior render of dining area

This was all the sneak peek we had for you this week. If you'd like to see more, do follow our social pages and catch us here next Friday with another sneak peek! Wishing you all a great weekend.

Exterior night render

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