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Dream in 3D: An introduction to Architectural Visualization

What a time to be alive! With 3D Visualization, we don't only get to see our dream spaces before building, but with advancements like VR technology some can now actually experience them. I describe visualization as a bridge between our imagination and reality.

"A Happy Place" - Recreational Grounds by IODS Design

Here at IODS Design we either help you to visualize a space you imagine for your yourself, down to the smallest details... or we get to design it if given the creative freedom, with your vision in mind. The end goal is always to produce an accurate visual of an imagined space or building.

"A Clean Heart" - Kitchen Interior by IODS Design

From the scale of space to depth and lighting, textures, finishing, furnishings, colours, materials, etc... We can now almost accurately reimagine spaces which a long time ago we would have had to wait until after construction to see the outcome, save for a few architectural drawings that most could hardly interpret.

"A Clean Heart" - Kitchen Interior by IODS Design

Role of 3D Visualization

Visualization is a huge part of architecture and design in general. Take fashion design for example; designs are drawn and visualized through sketching in different colours to represent materials, before being sewn. Sometimes you even have to find a photo for reference so that the seamstress or fashion designer captures your vision perfectly.

Architectural Visualization is that reference you get to hold on to, to test your vision. It tests the functionality, aesthetic and form of your vision before it is erected and you realize it is not what you were going for. With visualization, you can always go back to the drawing board - literally.

"A Clean Heart" - Kitchen Interior by IODS Design

"Dream In 3D"

We have started a monthly series which will present different design topics related to architecture. Our first topic is an introduction to architectural visualization before we delve into even more exciting topics that we hope will enhance your design perspective. Do comment below if you have something to add to today's post. Thank you and we'll catch you here next week for the next blog post! #DreamIn3Dmonth

"A Clean Heart" - Kitchen Interior by IODS Design

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