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Breakfast is the New Dinner.

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Giving Breakfast the Honour it Deserves, Through Design.

It's a new month and we'd like to celebrate with you by encouraging new traditions fueled by design! Starting with the fact that our client, breakfast, has been underrated and disrespected long enough. Breakfast should not only have a seat at the dining table - breakfast should HAVE it's own table!

Breakfast Bar Area in "The Winged House' by IODS

Gone are the days when everybody had to get all dressed up for dinner at home. Dinner was such an important part of the day and probably the most anticipated time for families to bond and catch up. It was also a roll call of sorts because by dinner time every member of the household would've assembled at the dining table, ready to eat and engage in dry conversations they'd rather avoid.

We have to acknowledge that this dinner tradition has actually kept families closely bonded throughout the years. Parents in the new generation are lucky if their children even stay home for dinner because they'll likely have plans to either dine out with their friends or eat by themselves while scrolling through social media; That is if they haven't already quit school and moved out by 16 to chase a career on social media.

As always, we're here to tell you that not all hope is lost because breakfast is indeed the new dinner and there's always a way through design.


With more and more people realizing the health benefits from having lighter meals at the end of the day, dinner is becoming less and less of a formal mandatory affair. This in turn has made breakfast more important. Shall we even start on the huge occasion that brunch is lately? There are so many events designed around it that anybody who hates the idea of brunch in 2022 can teleport right back into the 70's because it is here to stay.


I know - while a bunch of you are cutting down your dream home plans in the name of minimalism, here comes an article luring you into having a second dining space. Look, we support minimalism here and to prove it, we have a solution! Who needs a dining table? If you already have a small space to work with or simply want a minimal aesthetic, a breakfast bar is enough! It can serve as your actual dining table because what is dinner?

Breakfast Bar in "The Winged House" by IODS

Also, we don't mean to call anybody out, but some dining chairs have collected enough dust. If you have a barely used dining set, this is your sign to make the switch!

For those who enjoy breakfast meetings and dates, a breakfast bar is the perfect feature to bring that rich breakfast energy into your home! Some of you, however, might want a more cozy setting and even the most comfortable bar stools won't cut it.


If you're a fan of the retro diner booths all the way from the 50's, a breakfast nook is a modern touch to it which is guaranteed to add some nostalgic character to your space. Not only is it unique and more comfortable, but it can be designed to suit your style and preferences.

Breakfast Nook by Ali Henrie Design


We just had to throw this into the mix because how can we only take inspiration from retro diner booths when we can completely bring them back?! If you're into vintage design, this would most definitely be a show stopper in your home.

50s Inspired Booth Design by Retro Planet

Yes, you can add your own touch to this classic style, but if you're going for drama then by all means we'd like to see the checkered tiles, wall stickers and table décor complete with the little chip baskets. Is that far enough? Nope. We'd only finally be sold when you're actually having breakfast in it wearing bell bottoms and a curly vintage wig. Go big or go home!


We saved the most extravagant option for last - you can have a breakfast bar AND a dining table. And before the minimalists leave, we have an option for you here too! Unlike "The Winged House" which has ample space for both features, some spaces only leave room for one or the other. But what if we told you that you can combine them?

Combined Dining Table & Breakfast Bar Area in "The Holiday Apartment" by IODS

Regardless of how much space you have, you are entitled to an area where you can eat your sandwiches in peace. Please allow us be part of your experience. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how you can give breakfast the respect it deserves, through design! Look out for our next article and let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below. Wishing you all a great new month!

Breakfast Bar View in "The Grey House" by IODS

Dining Area Design by IODS

Breakfast Bar by IODS

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